Testimonials and Celebrity Consulting

Celebrities have become an established feature in advertising - with increasing influence. Prominent personalities give a face to brands and create a positive and beneficial image-transfer for both parties. But the road from a small idea to the actual start of a campaign is full of potential missteps and miscommunications.

In consequence, we accompany companies and advertising agencies on their mission to find the perfect ambassadors for their product, and make sure that it is in benefit of both sides. We use our legal background to lead through the contract negotiations, are the interface in coordinating and make sure that each party is structured perfectly to guarantee an incredible outcome.

Additionally to our exclusive clients we also work with an array of known personalities from TV, acting, and sports, who we have had trusted relationship for years. We are also working in international collaborations. Advertising agencies and companies also enjoy our objective and independent consultation. Our network and Kow-How guarantee a seamless and fast way to translate your vision into a successful campaign with testimonials.

We transform personality and company into a successful team!

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